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Pennsylvania State Police Faces Discrimination Lawsuit
Thursday July 31st 2014, 10:50 pm Filed under Discrimination lawsuit

The Pennsylvania State police is facing a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice claiming the force discriminated against women during the hiring process. The lawsuit states that the physical fitness test required by the force prevents women from passing. Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Nooner says that's not true. Nooner says 72 percent of women pass the physical fitness test ... [News Source]

Jurors hear opening arguments in Cliffs Resort wrongful death lawsuit
Thursday July 31st 2014, 10:45 pm Filed under Wrongful death lawsuit

Jurors in the wrongful death lawsuit filed against The Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach were told during opening arguments in the case Thursday that texting likely contributed to Tricia Rittger's death. [News Source]

Trimper's Rides Sued for 2012 Accident
Thursday July 31st 2014, 9:47 pm Filed under Accident lawsuit

Friday June 28, 2012 started out as a normal day at the amusement park for J and his family until they rode the Hampton I, a mini car and truck ride. [News Source]

Military Sexual Assault Survivors, VA Rejects Proposal
Thursday July 31st 2014, 9:14 pm Filed under Sexual harassment lawsuit

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) and Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) sued the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for denying their petition for rulemaking to change regulations that discriminate against thousands ... [News Source]

Texas woman claims sexual harassment against CRST
Thursday July 31st 2014, 8:53 pm Filed under Sexual harassment lawsuit

A Texas woman filed an amended federal lawsuit earlier this week, claiming she was sexually harassed and retaliated against while working for CRST Van Expedited, the Cedar Rapids trucking company that just settled a sexual harassment suit last year. The Texas woman claims the sexual harassment occurred in and around the state of Pennsylvania, Iowa and Oklahoma, according to the suit. The suit ... [News Source]

Does Boehner lawsuit hold danger for Obama? (+video)
Thursday July 31st 2014, 7:39 pm Filed under Environmental lawsuit

President Obama is reaping political benefits from the GOP-controlled House plan to sue him for overreaching his executive authority. But the White House has good reason to take the lawsuit seriously, analysts say. [News Source]

Racist harassment continues despite lawsuit, BART workers say
Thursday July 31st 2014, 7:18 pm Filed under Sexual harassment lawsuit

When African-American workers came to work late June, they found the racist death threats, the latest incident in an ongoing pattern of racial discrimination and harassment after a lawsuit was filed late last year. [News Source]